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Petit Palace Posada del Peine

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What makes unique to Petit Palace Posada del Peine to its travelers?

Petit Palace Posada del Peine, the oldest hotel in Madrid and Spain, is designed for travellers who want a unique experience, elegance, and the appeal of staying in a hotel that has so many tales. Excellent location next to Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol, free Wi-Fi and MiFi, family rooms up to 4 people, free rental bikes to discover Madrid, amenities, flexible check-out times on Sundays and Mondays, 24 hour reception, touristic information, healthy & delicious free buffet breakfast, accommodation for pets... and much more in this unique and singular hotel. You will find some original elements of the Posada del Peine in the lobby area such as the wooden beams and the brick wall. And outside of the hotel, you can admire its famous clock and beautiful facade. Do you want more? Ask our staff about the oldest hotel in Spain. Many legends await you!

What type of rooms does the Petit Palace Posada del Peine offer me?

The rooms at the Hotel Petit Palace Posada del Peine offer the chance to rest in the most historic hotel in Spain: spacious rooms for families, groups and couples, full of charm and commodities to make your stay in Madrid unforgettable. Choose our rooms next to the Plaza Mayor in Madrid and live a unique experience. Our rooms at your disposal are the small double room interior view (the cheapest option with 10 m²), the double room (an excellent option for friends and couples), the superior double room with balcony (its cosy balcony provides a nice view), the double room with parking (a covered parking lot included in this room), and the quadruple room (with two single beds and bunk beds or double bed and bunk beds).

What interesting places are close to the Petit Palace Posada del Peine?

The Petit Palace Posada del Peine is a boutique hotel located in Calle Postas, 17. In the very centre of Madrid, between Puerta del Sol and Palacio Real, surrounded by the most authentic shops and restaurants. Don’t miss out on the San Miguel Market and treat yourself to a gourmet delight in this picturesque iron building. Plaza Mayor in Madrid is a popular tourist attraction and staying here is quite an experience (the good kind)... where you can see the Casa de la Panadería, the Arco de Cuchilleros and the equestrian statue of Felipe III. And what about Madrid de los Austrias! Discover this must-see neighborhood through Ópera, Plaza de la Villa or Bailén street. Try the combination of terraces and tapas that you will find in La Latina (Cava Baja and Cava Alta for starters), the Rastro street market (Cascorro, Ribera de Curtidores and so much more). Puerta del Sol is only 200 meters from the hotel and there you can explore lively streets such as Preciados and Arenal, as well as enjoy the las Letras district, a perfect place for lunch and dinner in places such as Plaza de Santa Ana or Plaza Jacinto Benavente. You will have so many stories to tell after staying at the oldest hotel in Spain.

History of the Posada del Peine

Posada del Peine was founded in 1610, next to a posthouse where horses were kept for delivering mail or carrying passengers. It is the oldest hotel in Madrid, in the heart of the city close to Plaza Mayor, in Calle Postas. When the inn first opened its doors, the Spanish Court had moved back to Madrid after a brief spell in Valladolid, and it was a bustling city offering growing business opportunities. Posada del Peine’s founder, Juan Posada, transformed a house in Calle Vicario Viejo (a street known today as Marqués Viudo de Pontejos) into an inn for travellers. He skilfully chose a strategically located building, close to Plaza Mayor Gate, the most important gate in the city, making sure that travellers could easily find his inn thanks to the posthouse next door. A distinctive touch was added by putting a comb in each room, hung from the sink so that no one could steal it. This luxury feature became so well known that the inn came to be called Posada del Peine or Comb Inn.

It was always a focus of hustle and bustle, with travellers coming and going, and it accommodated an unusually large number of guests for the period thanks to its 150 rooms. Needless to say, its rooms varied in type. The finest, largest ones overlooked the street, with fresh air, luminosity, and the best furniture. The inner rooms were more in the style of cramped, dark, spartan closets. There was one special room: Room126. This was said to contain a cupboard with a staircase that led up to a secret room, supposedly used for clandestine meetings or to shelter fugitives. Other rooms were interconnected with little passageways, encouraging all sorts of nocturnal antics.

In 1796, the inn’s owners, the Espino brothers, decided to extend it with the purchase of an adjoining house in Calle San Cristóbal. Royal architect Juan de Villanueva supervised the work, retaining some of the original passageways that had made the interconnected rooms so popular. In 1863, further alterations were made involving some structural improvements. In 1891, the inn was enlarged once again with the construction of a new adjoining building in Calle Postas. The following year, a clock was added to the top of the façade to commemorate the fourth centenary of the discovery of America.

Posada del Peine has always been such a famous, emblematic feature of Madrid that Spanish Nobel prize-winner for literature Camilo José Cela dedicated his speech to it on his admittance to the Spanish Royal Academy. Following several changes of ownership, in 1970 the hotel closed its doors. It reopened as part of the Petit Palace chain in 2005, conserving its facade, the three buildings that it comprises (the original building is the middle one), and its famous name.

After a restful night at the hotel, today’s guests can enjoy a mouth-watering, well-assorted buffet breakfast served in a former wine cellar. A stay at this hotel is a trip back in time, and its walls bear witness to the history of Madrid and to the deeds of innumerable different figures.

The room 126

With successive extensions and its three different buildings, Posada del Peine became a genuine labyrinth where it was all too easy to get lost. It was also perfect for hiding or for getting up to antics at night, thanks to the passageways that linked certain rooms. And while we’re on the subject of hiding places, don’t let me forget Room 126.

According to legend, this room featured a cupboard with a secret door. This concealed a flight of steps up to the floor above, although it was so narrow that there was barely enough room to pass. The upper cubbyhole was said to have been used for hiding fugitives, holding clandestine meetings, and even for concealing lovers.

Who knows whether there is any truth to this although, generally speaking, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Some people say the secret hidey-hole still exists although it’s now abandoned. Whatever the case, a labyrinth like this must have been the perfect place to get up to all kinds of mischief.

Posada del Peine’s ghost

In addition to the mysteries of Room 126, Posada del Peine is said to have its own ghost, although there is little evidence to go on. It has only manifested itself a few times, so who knows if it exists or whether witnesses have been carried away by their own imaginations! A waitress and a guest both claim to have come across a lady dressed in black–perhaps a former occupant who never left the hotel for fear of being discovered!

Whatever the case, Posada del Peine was clearly a hive of activity. According to early 20th century newspapers, it was the scene of suicides and fires and it was even a temporary den for the occasional thief or murderer. If you gaze up at the hotel, you might make out a figure behind the windows of a balcony. Could it be the ghostly traces of someone who never left the inn who has never left Posada del Peine...?

Is the Petit Palace Posada del Peine a pet friendly hotel that allows the accommodation of pets?

Yes, the Petit Palace Posada del Peine is a pet friendly hotel in Madrid that allows pets such as dogs, cats and other furry friends. We offer a bed, a bowl and food for your pet. Our hotel has no additional cost if you book on this official website. In case you choose our hotel through another website, the accommodation of your pet has a price of €25 per stay.

What entertainment options does the Petit Palace Posada del Peine offer?

The Petit Palace Posada del Peine offers you some special services such as free bicycle rental, 24 hours reception, touristic information, lobby, free buffet breakfast, an unbeatable location... Also, our clients have a free internet Wi-Fi connection at the Petit Palace Posada del Peine. In addition, our hotel in Plaza Mayor of Madrid offers a MIFI service, internet with free data throughout the city.

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